BOVAG Service

Maintenance of your caravan, folding trailer or motorhome

During the holidays you want to relax 100%. If your caravan is well maintained, you don’t have to worry about that at the campsite. The advice is to do a BOVAG maintenance service every two years, so that you can be sure that your caravan, folding trailer or motorhome remains in good condition.

During a BOVAG maintenance check, our certified inspectors work with more than sixty points, so that your caravan, motorhome or folding trailer not only meets all legal requirements, but also our strict comfort and quality requirements. The camper is a separate rebuild.
For example, the inspector checks the brakes and lubricates the overrun brake. A tire check and moisture measurement have also been taken.

Your gas installation receives special attention. The gas pipes are pressure tested, the stove is completely cleaned and the inspector examines the ‘flame picture’: is there enough oxygen in the flame, for example? After this, the safety of your cooker and stove is guaranteed again.

To prevent breakdowns and accidents, it is important to schedule maintenance in good time.

A well-maintained camping equipment is also nice if it is sold. With maintenance you invest in value retention.