Kabe Van

The best equipped van on the market.


  • A real premium Van, built in Sweden
  • Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Active Safety Systems
  • 6.90 meters long with a raised roof: the headroom in the living area is no less than 196 cm
  • Mercedes 4-cylinder diesel engine of 163 hp, Euro-6 environmental class.
  • Rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive is also available as an option
  • Communication with digital services
  • 4 seats with seat belt + 4 sleeping places
  • The built-in values, comfort and conveniences of a KABE
  • Unique insulation method!
  • For use in all seasons – just as good in summer as in winter
  • Underfloor heating with water circuit, double floor and extra convectors
  • Thermal curtain at sliding door and back door
  • Insulated tanks
  • The award-winning Smart D . electrical system
  • Compressor refrigerator
KABE Van 690 LB 2WD

KABE builds its new Van on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – top quality you can rely on. This vehicle communicates on a whole new level with, among other things, built-in digital fleet services. It is also equipped with the completely new operating system MBUX with intelligent voice control.

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