Cleaning service

A dull paint, stains in the upholstery, a musty smell… No matter how carefully you handle your caravan or motorhome, over time the use will leave its traces.

The solution is a complete cleaning treatment at De Greeff Caravan-Recreatie. You hardly recognize your caravan or motorhome afterwards. The caravan or motorhome shines again and feels wonderfully fresh again. It has been found that the caravan or motorhome also increases in value as a result. But cleaning is a profession that involves a lot. Incorrect means and practices have short-lived results and often cause irreparable damage, with high costs of repair. So don’t take any risks and choose De Greeff Caravan-Recreatie. Then you always have the guarantee of a perfect and sustainable end result. You deserve it, your camping equipment deserves it!

Have your caravan or motorhome cleaned: why at De Greeff?

So many parts, so many treatments. At De Greeff you can have the paint of your caravan or motorhome cleaned, clayed, polished, waxed and sealed. Have the interior cleaned, shampooed, repaired, sealed and given an odor treatment. Repair your rims and recondition chrome and plastic parts. Have scratches and other minor cosmetic damage treated. Whatever you want to have done, everything is done with a good eye for detail. Well-trained employees ensure that they work exclusively with professional equipment. De Greeff also meets strict requirements in the areas of the environment, health and safety, quality and service.