Satellite antenna

Oyster stands for top quality.
And yet we don’t stand still. Each new development is based on decades of experience. We know what works and what really benefits you for a long time

The construction
The height of the Oyster Vision V when folded is only about 17 cm (also with the TWIN variant and with SKEW)! This is due to the clever construction: the curved shape of the feed arm saves space for storage. Without roof contact and virtually silent.

The control unit
The “brain” of the Oyster® is the control unit, the FeatureBox. This makes calculations and has a regulating function. With the Vision variant, you communicate with the FeatureBox via the control unit.
Thanks to the mobile app, you can also control the FeatureBox with your smartphone. You have access to the most important operating functions and can, for example, switch the antenna on or off from outside, change satellites or display the system settings. The FeatureBox can therefore do more and has become slimmer.

Updates and malfunctions
Quite annoying if the technical characteristics of the satellite signals suddenly change, you are on holiday somewhere in Europe and suddenly nothing works anymore. Often only an update will help. Our technicians program them at lightning speed, but they still have to be uploaded to your satellite antenna. Your Oyster® receives online updates via your smartphone (or via USB stick). That is not a fun toy but extremely functional. The update is sent directly to your mobile phone and entered into the system from there. You can download a free app for your Oyster® , which offers a whole range of useful options in addition to the update function.
For example, we will inform you immediately if we detect a change in satellite characteristics. You will then know the cause of the malfunction and receive an update as soon as possible to solve the problem.
Your phone is connected to the Oyster® control via the app. If a technical defect occurs, it can usually be diagnosed with the Oyster® app. This data can then be sent to customer service. Handles changes well

One cable is one cable
When we talk about a “1-cable solution”, we mean it. An additional power cable is not necessary. We use a special coaxial cable for the control, power supply and signal transmission of the outdoor unit.
The mounting is therefore only a “minimally invasive operation”. One small hole is enough. Of course, a second coaxial cable is added in the TWIN version.

  • construction height 17 cm
  • Only available in 85 cm
  • weight oyster V: 11kg
  • GPS control=3D Compass-Slope sensor
  • Dish/panel collapses when vehicle is started.
  • Very fast alignment
  • 12/24 Volt
  • High-quality finish-magnesium arm
  • Easy operation
  • 3 year warranty and expert service