Tempo 100 inspection

In Germany, the maximum speed for a car-caravan combination is 80 km/h, unless you have a tempo 100 exemption. If it has been issued for the trailer and the entire combination meets the requirements, you may drive at 100 km/h with that combination.

You can get the Tempo 100 exemption after an inspection that is held every 1st Friday of the month. The combination must meet a number of requirements. You can find which ones they are via this link. After approval, you will receive the Tempo 100 sticker at home and stick it on the trailer or caravan. Of course, the exemption only applies to German motorways and is not valid in other European countries.

Validity Tempo 100 waiver

The Tempo 100 exemption is valid indefinitely after it has been issued, provided the car and trailer or caravan continue to meet the conditions. Keep this in mind if you buy another tow vehicle. Also pay attention to the (maximum) age of the caravan tires.